As mobile devices continue to change the landscape of the Internet, leading adult content provider Webmaster Central is seeing a dramatic shift in the business models of its clients.  The latest trend?  Adult apps are on the rise.


“For most adult companies, app development is a whole new source of revenue,” says AA, CEO of Webmaster Central.  “Apps have some unique advantages over traditional websites, and as more users spend more time on mobile devices, the importance of apps to the adult entertainment industry is clear.”


“We’re happy to talk with any companies who are thinking about developing apps and need a powerful and reliable solution for automatically delivering quality HD content to their users every day.”


Webmaster Central’s massive library of adult videos is an ideal content solution for developers of adult apps, due to the company’s well-known embrace of new technologies.  Thanks to its highly developed XML gateway, Webmaster Central is the only leased content service with a ready backend capable of piping adult HD video content directly into custom software apps.


“We’ve always said that when you lease content from Webmaster Central, you get a lot more than just content,” adds AA.  “You get a partner who keeps up with the latest technology trends, and who does the hard work implementing them so you can take advantage of these new technologies without spending a fortune on research and development.”


Webmaster Central has served content to the biggest names in adult entertainment for more than a decade.  Its leased content services are surprisingly affordable, combining content that’s proven to convert and retain customers with cutting edge technologies that make running an adult online business simple and painless.  Webmaster Central’s content libraries are updated every day so clients can focus on driving traffic and making money.