Big Beautiful profits for Webmaster Central Clients

Webmaster Central has seen impressive growth in the BBW niche in 2014, and is reporting a 34% increase in activity for that specific niche in the first quarter of the year, as compared to the same period in 2013.

“BBW has always been a popular niche, but we haven’t seen this kind of expansion prior to 2014,” states AA, CEO of Webmaster Central. “If your company isn’t marketing sites to BBW fans, now’s a good time to address that mistake.”

Webmaster Central is known primarily as a provider of leased content that can be easily integrated into an existing website, but the company’s custom front ends service makes it possible for clients to add entirely new sites to their portfolios.

“If you don’t have a BBW site but you want to add one quickly, talk to our sales team, we can set you up quickly with your own custom front end, all we need is the domain name you want to use,” adds AA. “You just connect your preferred billing solution to your site and start sending traffic. Your site will be automatically updated with HD content from the BBW niche, and you keep 100% of your profits.”

All of Webmaster Central’s content is optimized for viewing on desktop, smart TV and mobile devices. All custom front ends are designed using the latest responsive technologies to ensure they’re friendly to all of today’s most popular viewing platforms.