Why use Webmaster Central?

There are few if any better decisions a Webmaster can make more important than the quality of their members section.  Using Webmaster Central guarantees your members only see the best content in the respective niche you choose.  On top of high quality and daily updates your members can view he content on any device they wish.  Using Webmaster Central guarantees your retention and conversion numbers are as high as possible

Do you offer hosting?

Yes we do. We can host your entire site or our entire program content. Because of the volume of traffic we generate we pass our savings onto our clients. Very few Webmasters can get the pricing that Webmaster Central gets and we will save you money!

How often does Webmaster Central update?

Webmaster Central updates it’s HD content everyday with new content.

Can I up charge my members for your content?

Yes, many webmasters such as Dating Sites and many pay sites have an up charge for our content. You can call it a ‘bonus section’ and charge whatever you wish.

Can I charge my members and or traffic for downloading your content?

Yes you can. Webmasters that use our XML gateway can charge any amount they wish per download which is perfect for VOD programs. Many of our clients start VOD programs using Webmaster Central content exclusively.

Is Webmaster Central mobile and tablet compatible?

Yes! Webmaster Central was the first adult content provider to be 100% mobile and tablet compatible. Webmaster Central is integrated with every mobile and tablet device on the market.

How does the XML gateway work?

Our XML gateway gives the webmaster 100% control of our content which allows you to use it within their own video players. It’s extremely popular with more technically savvy webmasters.

How does the White Label work?

Webmaster Central will create a customizable content page integrated into your website that the looks and feels like part of your website. We match color schemes, HTML, CSS, and add your logo to the content page if needed. The content niches are fully adjustable to your sites needs and size.

Is your content High Definition?

We only buy High Definition content. Not just any content but content that is delivered straight from the camera itself making our scenes the best quality you can get anywhere. This is why you can expect your members keep coming back.

What niches does Webmaster Central offer?

We offer the best in Straight, Gay, Tranny and or EX-GF content. Full Niche List

Does Webmaster Central offer promo materials?

Yes, we offer High-Defintion promo scenes that are 30, 60 or 90 seconds long, and give your tours that extra inch of professionalism that gets your surfers to Signup without giving them too much if you know what we mean.

I’m a new Webmaster can I afford this?

You cannot afford not to use Webmaster Central and here is why. Using us guarantees our content reassures you your members are happy. You can rest easy knowing your content is state of the art and updated daily allowing you to concentrate on advertising and marketing for one low price.

How long has Webmaster Central been in business?

We are proud to say we are the one of the oldest content companies in business and have been doing good business since 1996.