Webmaster Central Sees Big Increase in use of Content by Adult Dating Services and Live Cam Sites

Webmaster Central is reporting today that the company has recently seen a sharp increase in new clients adding its leased video content packages to both live cam sites and adult online dating services.  The trend seems to indicate that businesses which operate websites in these two profitable arenas are increasingly looking to leased video content as a means to increase bottom lines and gain a valuable business edge in a highly competitive space.

“Not too long back, live cam shows and adult dating services were seen by most adult businesses primarily as an up-sell, an additional source of revenue to complement member sites that were built around video content,” says AA, Founder of Webmaster Central.  “That model can still work.  But what we’re seeing now is the reverse also works, meaning webmasters who use live cams and adult dating as the primary attraction of their website can boost profits and retain members longer by offering HD video content as an additional bonus for their customers.”

From January through November of this year, Webmaster Central has seen a 33% increase in new clients who use Webmaster Central’s leased content services exclusively on live cam sites, compared with the same period in 2011.  The increase in new adult dating sites adding Webmaster Central content is up a whopping 47% from last year.

“The adult industry saw a lot of new entries into the live cam and dating arenas in the last couple of years,” explains AA.  “It makes sense that a lot of these businesses are just now starting to look for proven methods of increasing revenue and keeping their customers around longer.  That’s where we come in.”

Webmaster Central offers leased content packages for as little as $200 per month, making the cost to add HD quality video content affordable to any budget.  Webmaster Central content is optimized for viewing on desktop computers, as well as mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

Adult website businesses can charge their own customers for access to Webmaster Central’s videos, or they can simply offer the content as an additional bonus for paying customers to increase retention rates and encourage repeat business.  Websites that choose to charge for access to the leased video content can set one flat rate, or even charge customers per-download.  Also, the ability for clients to display in-line ads inside Webmaster Central videos as they’re being watched creates an additional popular revenue stream for live cam sites and adult dating services.

“It’s quick and easy to integrate our content into just about any existing website design,” explains AA.  “Lots of clients use our XML gateway to add their leased content into their websites, but we can also create custom white label websites designed to match an existing site’s look.”