Adult’s Next Big growth market is Smart TV

Webmaster Central is making a bet that a lot of adult content will be returning to the television again soon.  That doesn’t mean the company is expecting a resurgence of adult DVD sales; and in fact, the new wave of adult content on television sets will look a lot different than anything that’s been seen before.

“The emergence of devices like AppleTV and Roku mean it’s easier than ever for porn fans to find the content they like online and then zap it over to their TV sets for viewing,” explains AA, Founder of Webmaster Central.  “To make that experience optimal for your customers, you really need to optimize your content for these new smart TVs and Internet Ready TV boxes.  We want our clients to be ready for this change, and we don’t want them to do the work of encoding videos for yet another platform.  We’re doing it for them, which is just another reason why it really makes sense to lease your content from us.”

Webmaster Central’s extensive library has been enhanced to offer additional viewing formats that are ideal for viewing on televisions connected to the Internet with devices like Apple TV.  The new formats will be automatically activated for all existing Webmaster Central clients, and clients will also have the option to add their own logos to the content itself to keep viewers connected with their brand even on the television set.

“We’re kind of jumping out ahead of the curve here,” adds AA.  “When we first started optimizing content for mobile, it was only 5% of the overall market.  Now after years of steady growth mobile is nearly 50% of our traffic.  Webmaster Central isn’t just a content firm, we do more than just lease you content.  We also give you the technology and edge you need to stay on top in a market where the platforms are changing all the time.”

According to AA, his company’s proven record of embracing new technologies first and integrating them for its clients is what sets Webmaster Central apart from all other content options.

“By the time you add up all the money you save on editing and optimizing content, building pages and leasing the software you need to deliver that content, you’re actually making more money by leasing your content from us than you would by doing it all on your own.”