Webmaster Central adds support for Google Chromecast

GOOCC_250Webmaster Central is pleased to announce that starting on September 1st, the company’s cutting edge adult content leasing platform will be compatible with Google’s popular Chromecast service.  The integration with Chromecast means Webmaster Central’s clients will now have another powerful tool for attracting and retaining customers.

“We’ve seen a lot of studies which indicate that consumers want choice and convenience from the online services they use,” states AA, Founder and CEO of Webmaster Central.  “Chromecast has been picking up a lot of users recently, so we decided to do the integration work for our entire content platform so our clients don’t have to do it themselves.”

Google Chromecast provides technology that lets consumers stream media from their various devices straight to their TV screens.  Mainstream content platforms like Netflix, HBO GO and Watch ESPN are already integrated with the service, but Webmaster Central is looking to become the first leased content platform for adult companies that offers compatibility with Chromecast.

“Luckily we’re finishing up this sweet new feature just in time for the big EU shows in September,” adds AA.  “We’ll be looking to show it off both in Amsterdam and also in Prague, so if you’re interested in becoming a new Webmaster Central client or if you’re an existing client who just wants to get a demo of the new features, contact sales@webmastercentral.com to arrange for a time to meet with our guys.”

Webmaster Central, winner of the ‘Best Content Provider’ at the YNOT Awards in 2013, has been nominated for two YNOT Awards in 2014, including ‘Best Content Provider’ and ‘Best Adult Business Services.’  Its popular content delivery platform combines quality HD video content from every major adult niche, and optimized for every major viewing device, with cutting edge technologies that make running an adult online business simple and painless.  Webmaster Central’s content libraries are updated every day so clients can focus on driving traffic and making money, not on adding new content and learning to integrate new technologies.