vr servicesIn what could be the most disruptive news to come from the adult industry in over a decade, content delivery pioneer Webmaster Central is proud to announce its newest project, VR3000 Studios.

The new studio will be the first of its kind to focus entirely on adult VR video, making Webmaster Central the only source for licensing this incredible new content experience.  With built-in digital protections against piracy and technical limitations making it currently impractical for the free tube site model, adult companies now have a powerful new path to profitability beyond just live cams and dating.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before, it’s just incredible,” says AA, founder and CEO of Webmaster Central.  “This technology isn’t delivering some cheap 3D movie with marginal impact.  It’s totally immersive, so viewers feel like they’re actually in the scene.”

While licensable VR content by itself is certainly exciting, what makes this news especially impactful is the technology that Webmaster Central has secured to deliver it.  The company plans to release additional details about this technology in the coming days, but is divulging now that VR3000 clients will be able to stream adult VR content for the first time.  Building that streaming technology alone was a 2-year project for the company.

“In the past if you wanted VR content for your Oculus Rift or whatever you’re using, you had to download it,” explains AA.  “Webmaster Central is now the only company on the planet who’s offering VR content via streaming, which completely changes the game.  A typical VR scene is huge, making it impractical to download onto many mobile devices.  Our new tech solves that problem, while introducing a lot of interesting new possibilities with live and VR together.”

The content from VR3000 Studios is shot in-house on custom cameras in Ultra 4K 180 degree 3D and streams at 60 frames-per-second.  Webmaster Central expects its archives to exceed 5000 total VR scenes well before the end of the year, with new updates planned once per week for clients.

Early internal tests of VR3000 content have seen conversions that exceed 1:50, a ratio that is hasn’t been common with online adult content for about a decade.

Webmaster Central is offering this exciting new content to all companies, with special discounts being provided to its existing loyal clients.  All companies interested in learning more should contact sales@webmastercentral.com for additional details.  Meanwhile, stay tuned for lots of news in the coming months about this game-changing technology.

About Webmaster Central:

Established in 1996, Webmaster Central started out as a simple online source for licensing adult content and has grown to the award winning company that they are today, leasing high quality adult video from every major adult market and niche for commercial adult entertainment and adult dating websites. All of their content is responsive and optimized for viewing on both desktop and mobile screens. The company’s culture is one that’s quick to embrace new technologies and put them to work for their clients, and that quality has been the key to their longevity.