Webmaster Central brings responsive framework technology to its clients

If you’re using Webmaster Central’s leased content services, you’re getting yet another new benefit this month that will help you manage your website more effectively.  Webmaster Central is the first leased content service in adult entertainment to bring responsive front-end framework technology into the picture.

Described as “freakishly advanced,” Zurb’s Foundation 3 technology allows webmasters the ability to lay out their pages through a flexible, nestable system that’s perfect for rapid prototyping.  Webmasters can also use framework technology to easily achieve display compatibility with multiple devices, ranging from traditional desktop screens to cutting edge tablets or smartphones.

“There is no other leased content provider that comes close to offering what Webmaster Central provides its clients,” explains Joel K, VP of WebmasterCentral.com.  “If you haven’t worked with front-end framework technology before, you’ll truly be amazed at what it can do for your site development projects.”

The addition of Foundation 3 to Webmaster Central’s toolbox continues the company’s trend of providing cutting edge new technologies to its clients.

“We are always looking for new ways to provide extra value to our clients, without running up their costs,” adds Joel K.  “We were the first leased content company to provide true HD content, the first to optimize for mobile and tablets, the first to offer customization through our XML gateway, and now we’re the first to provide responsive technology.”

Free demos of all Webmaster Central content and services are available by contacting the sales team.  To learn more about the advantages of leased content, or the new front-end framework tools, please contact sales@webmastercentral.com for a free demo.