Webmaster Central’s new favorites feature helps clients create a customized content experience

If you spend a lot of time on websites like Facebook or Google, you may have noticed that a lot of the content you see has been chosen to match your specific interests.  Ads sometimes show for services you were just visiting hours before, and news stories or content blurbs are occasionally prioritized based on your past usage patterns.  This smart approach to engaging visitors makes a lot of sense, and now Webmaster Central is making it possible for its customers to use similar targeting for their adult website visitors.

Webmaster Central’s new “Favorites Feature” is simply named, but it can bring your adult website to a whole new level of sophistication.  Your visitors simply mark the Webmaster Central content they like best as a “favorite,” which allows Webmaster Central to show them similar content on their next visit.

“If you’re leasing content from Webmaster Central, then you have the option to use the new ‘Favorites Feature’ at no additional cost,” explains AA, CEO of Webmaster Central.  “When it’s activated, our software will make a specialized database for you that keeps track of your visitors’ preferences.  The more your users mark the content they like, the smarter our system gets at showing more of what they want to see.  It’s a pretty slick way to keep members happy and keep those retention rates up.  Plus it’s all automated, so once it’s turned on it just works with no effort on your part.”

Webmaster Central offers a highly-customizable experience for its clients.  Clients can offer Webmaster Central’s HD quality content to their own customers through white label websites, or take unprecedented control over how the content is delivered by using an XML gateway.  That means Webmaster Central’s leased content can be added to just about any website in ways that work seamlessly with the site’s existing design.  Plus, Webmaster Central’s content is optimized for display on tablets and mobile decides as well as desktops.

“So far we’re getting a phenomenal response on this new feature from our clients,” says AA.  “It makes your members happy, and it also gives you more information on your members’ viewing habits.  You’ll get a sense of what kind of content your members like best, so we can make sure your leased content section is loaded with the scenes that make you the most money.”