Webmaster Central is proud to announce that it now offers turnkey adult websites, each fully stocked with HD video content and custom built for the customer’s specific needs.  These turnkey sites, or “front ends,” can be customized for a specific niche or built to cover a wide range of adult content categories.


“If you need a new website for cross sales, bundling, new traffic generation, whatever, we can get you up and running quickly,” says AA, CEO of Webmaster Central.  “It’s like getting website design, CMS software, HD videos, webmaster services and content hosting all in one package.  Just plug in your favorite billing solution and go.”


Webmaster Central’s custom turnkey websites are 100% compatible with mobile, tablet and IPTV devices.  Customers can choose straight, gay or tranny content, all featuring popular HD videos that are optimized for viewing on a variety of platforms.


“If you want to add a site quickly for cross sales, you need to make sure the site you add is a positive experience for surfers, otherwise your chargebacks are going to skyrocket,” adds AA.  “Our custom front ends are stocked with HD content and updated regularly.  They’re designed to keep members happy and satisfied, and keep you in good standing with your billing company.”