For online adult or dating businesses that drive up their revenue through one-click upsells, the new Webmaster Central custom front ends feature is proving to be tremendously popular.  Since the feature was launched last month, the company has already seen repeat orders from 64% of its clients.


“What we’ve done is give our clients a fast and cost-effective way to add new revenue-generating adult websites to their lineup, so it makes sense we’re seeing so many repeat customers,” explains AA, CEO of Webmaster Central.  “Many of our clients are bundling these turnkey sites with their existing in-house designed websites, which can drastically increase the average revenue from new signups.”


“Why sell just one website to your visitors when you can sell them two or three for a higher price, and retain them longer too?”


The cost savings that companies receive from using Webmaster Central’s custom front ends feature, rather than building new sites in-house from scratch, makes it a popular choice with adult companies that want to find ways to keep their costs down while increasing revenue from existing traffic.


“Most companies know that more traffic means more revenue, but sometimes the best thing you can do to make more money is to increase the value you’re getting from existing traffic,” adds AA.


Webmaster Central’s custom front ends are powered by the latest responsive technology, so they look perfect on desktop screens, as well as mobile devices, Smart TVs and tablets.


All elements of a turnkey adult website are provided by Webmaster Central; this includes the graphic design, the front end and the member’s area.  Businesses need only to plug in their chosen billing solution and start making money.